Australian Bush Flowers

Green Remedies SpA is the exclusive Italian distributor of Australian Bush Flower Essences.
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Australian Pet organic

An Australian brand that offers a range of certified organic supplements and snacks for dogs. The company places particular emphasis on sustainability, ecology, and the use of natural and organic ingredients without harmful substances, artificial additives, or preservatives. With the support of specialists in veterinary nutrition and conservation medicine, their mission is to improve the health and well-being of pets while maintaining a reduced environmental impact.
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Dr. Organic Group

A leading British brand in the COSMOS certified organic beauty sector, specializing in skincare, body care, and hair care products. The key ingredient is organic Aloe Vera, which replaces water in their formulations. The company's philosophy is based on products free from harmful substances such as parabens and SLS, and is committed to a green future with cruelty-free products suitable for vegetarians and vegans, packaged in recycled and recyclable materials. Their mission is to draw from nature to create products that not only improve appearance but are also beneficial for the planet.
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Bio Caricol

Bio Caricol® and Bio Caricol® Gastro only contain non GMO, organic Papaya and Oats. The globally patented manufacturing process follows the recipe conceived within the Lotus Buddhist Monastery, Hawaii, in accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine and its techniques. The fruit in particular – which has been picked at just the perfect stage of ripeness – undergoes at first a heating process, followed by an oxidation procedure aimed at enhancing its properties. This results into a puree which is indeed of support for gastrointestinal tract and digestive system.
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Hino Natural Skincare

Hino Natural Skincare is the eco-skin-compatible cosmetic Brand, the result of a thorough research into every single ingredient that offers Green Chemistry’s high quality standards. Hino Natural Skincare is a “proven-effectiveness Green Philosophy”, as our attention to skin and environmental health is synergistic with our will to show that even a natural cosmetic product can be extremely effective. The scientifically-proven outstanding performance of our cosmetics has been shown by instrumental tests at specialist laboratories, under the supervision of industry professionals. So, the “derma science” concept inspires the two beating hearts of the Brand: PRO BALANCE, a soothing, protective daily skincare range that supports the skin’s physiological properties, and PRO SOLUTION, a high-performance range that responds to the most demanding cosmetic requirements with effective solutions.
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Toothpaste tablets. By using high-quality natural ingredients, Natch aims to revolutionize the oral hygiene industry through sustainable and healthy products. The company's vision is to inspire a shift towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, educating consumers about the damage caused by conventional products and offering a healthier alternative that does not use plastic tubes.
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