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Nature's Bounty® is a star on the US and international scene in the research and distribution of food supplements, and for about 50 years it has been extremely popular with consumers all over the world.Born as an industry in 1971 in a bid to create food supplements formulated with extremely rich and perfectly safe actives.All products are manufactured, packaged and stocked in areas that comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), in accordance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards. The company is accredited with Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), a prestigious, independent certification agency.The fact that Nature's Bounty® is available in over 60 markets across the world is evidence of all this.Our formulas are made to support the needs of a wide variety of users. The packaging is enhanced by a practical flip-clap opening and is targeted to people who take care of their daily wellbeing and pursue a healthy, active lifestyle.Nature's Bounty® is partner of Pianeta in Salute and has always promoted a healthy lifestyle in a clean, respected environment. Its products are packaged in green bottles made of 100% recyclable PET polymers and inert glass bottles. The labels are printed with water-based ink. Even the packages used to sell the products have a low fibre content. All this protects our precious forests, and prevents them from being destroyed.Find the right supplement to achieve your best health. Green Remedies S.p.A. is the exclusive Italian distributor of Nature's Bounty®.
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Bio Caricol

Bio Caricol® and Bio Caricol® Gastro only contain non GMO, organic Papaya and Oats. The globally patented manufacturing process follows the recipe conceived within the Lotus Buddhist Monastery, Hawaii, in accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine and its techniques. The fruit in particular – which has been picked at just the perfect stage of ripeness – undergoes at first a heating process, followed by an oxidation procedure aimed at enhancing its properties. This results into a puree which is indeed of support for gastrointestinal tract and digestive system.
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Australian Bush Flowers

Green Remedies SpA is the exclusive Italian distributor of Australian Bush Flower Essences. Established 25 years ago by Ian White, Bush Biotherapies pty Ltd, headquartered in Terry Hills, New South Wales, not far from Sydney, is now the official producer of Australian Bush Flower Essences. Every living being has its own vibrational state, which distinguishes it from everyone else and from its surroundings. Vibrational states depend on the balance between internal and external vibrations: an impaired balance can undermine the quality of life. Australian Bush Flower Essences help harmonise vibrational imbalances that can undermine the emotional state of a human being. Australian Flowers were used by very ancient populations, who used Flower Essences for health, for emotional balance and for their ceremonies. Emotional wellbeing has become key to achieving a psychophysical balance, especially in everyday life, where people experience physical and emotional changes, frustration, low self-esteem, problems at handling some events, and a fast-paced life. Australian Bush Flower Essences are used all over the world to help people manage and overcome their problems in modern society. Australian Bush Flowers are superior formulations, made with Australian Flowers picked from plants that naturally grow in the oldest continent, in uncontaminated places, their properties making them truly unique and really fast-acting remedies.
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Hino Natural Skincare

Hino Natural Skincare is the eco-skin-compatible cosmetic Brand, the result of a thorough research into every single ingredient that offers Green Chemistry’s high quality standards. Hino Natural Skincare is a “proven-effectiveness Green Philosophy”, as our attention to skin and environmental health is synergistic with our will to show that even a natural cosmetic product can be extremely effective. The scientifically-proven outstanding performance of our cosmetics has been shown by instrumental tests at specialist laboratories, under the supervision of industry professionals. So, the “derma science” concept inspires the two beating hearts of the Brand: PRO BALANCE, a soothing, protective daily skincare range that supports the skin’s physiological properties, and PRO SOLUTION, a high-performance range that responds to the most demanding cosmetic requirements with effective solutions.
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Green Remedies was founded in 2002, and its mission is to offer solutions and products for a healthy skin, body and mind.
We know the force of Mother Nature so well that we only rely on It.

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